Who we Are

The REGISTAR is a Mozambican company headquartered in the city of Nampula in Mozambique, focused on registering Mozambican domains online for customers in worldwide, and we have the responsibility to protect each of our customers and provide the best available services.

Our Mission

We intend to offer our customers the best experience of purchasing and corporate management of online domains from start to end, with a smart and searchable site, easy-to-follow instructions, clear and safe payment methods with fast delivery and quality.

The comfort of a full service, friendly support team, an easy-to-use management environment and with the best market prices is all a customer needs.

Our Vision

REGISTAR wants to be a vanguard and benchmark company at national and international level, the first choice of companies to register their Mozambican domains.

Our success depends on your success, and your success depends on our success.


With REGISTAR, you can register your domain in Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé and Príncipe. Just click on the flag of the desired country for quick and easy access to registration. Expand your online presence in PALOP countries in a simple and efficient way.



Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

  • By registering a brand, it will ensure its utmost protection, preventing third parties from making use of it. If this happens, legal mechanisms may be activated which will allow for the due compensation for damages.
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  • Patents are a pathway to register their inventions, which confers the exclusive exploitation on them. More than a protection of the technical characteristics of inventions, patents make a difference to maximizing the success of a business.
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  • Register your Trademark or Patent Today, Contact our specialists now

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